Oral Sex Tip – Avoid Deadly Diseases Like STD Or HSV

Have you tried any oral sex? Are you in favor of this? Though many are in favor of this sexual pleasure, many are still in doubt about it because through this, you may actually get a STD or as it is known as Sexual Transmitted Disease. Read on this article to find out some diseases you might acquire if you will not practice safe and clean sex with your partner.

The first oral sex tip you should know is that your partner should be clean as in no blister, warts, chancre, or ulcer both in his mouth and pelvic region. If you notice some of these then it is better to stay away from any oral for awhile until this person is clean and cured especially if you happen to just meet this person. Asking never hurts and can prevent you from the disease.

Second thing you should do is to use condom for fellatio and dental dam for cunnilingus This will help you both to avoid any STD to get into your system that is you prefer to give each other oral sex. Though some say to brush teeth before engaging into any oral sex, this is more likely for you to get bacteria into your mouth because you clean it thoroughly.

If you will only follow these simple tips, it is likely for you not to have any STD. One of the common STD that you might acquire is HPV or Human Papilloma Virus and Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and many more.